Recommended Profiles

We recommend three ICDL Profiles – Base, Standard and Expert – each represents a different level of digital proficiency, and proof of the skill level that you have.

ICDL Base Profile

Base Profile - 4 recommended modules
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ICDL Base Profile certifies essential skills. Because the skills covered in this 4-module certification are essential to anyone who uses computers and other devices on a daily basis, it is recommended that everyone should train and certify their skills to this level.

ICDL Standard Profile

Standard Profile - 4 base modules and 3 standard level modules
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ICDL Standard Profile is the most flexible of the recommended ICDL profiles. It consists of the 4 Base modules, plus any other 3 Standard modules from a wide range. This structure ensures that you can train in and certify your essential ICT skills, and then demonstrate your competence in other modules that are suited to your career or your interests.

ICDL Expert Profile

Expert Profile - certify by successfully passing 3 of the 4 ICDL Advanced modules.
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ICDL Expert Profile enables you to prove that you are a ‘power user’ in commonly used computer applications. It is aimed at workers who want to be recognised as experts in these applications by being able to perform advanced functions in them. You achieve your ICDL Expert Profile by successfully passing Certification Test in 3 of the 4 ICDL Advanced modules.

Customised ICDL Profile

If none of the recommended Profiles match your needs and skill, with a Customised ICDL Profile you choose the module combinations best suited to you. After passing the tests, those modules then represent your ICDL Profile, which are listed on your ICDL Profile certificate.

Online Training in ICDL modules

In New Zealand our Accredited Test Centres offer Automated Certification Tests and pre-test Diagnostic Assessment (to see if you need training before taking the test) in all the ICDL Modules.  We also offer online e-Learning in all the Base Modules, 5 Standard Modules and the Advanced Spreadsheet Module.  Our Accredited Test Centres retail this training and may also offer classroom training – see ‘Find a Test Centre’ for details.

Training for different software versions is available with many Modules – see Training and Testing Solutions.


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