Schools increase ICDL centres by 60% in six months

ICDL class at Sacred Heart, one of 20+ ICDL schools
ICDL class at Sacred Heart College, Wellington

There are now 48 ICDL delivery partners/Accredited Test Centres (ATCs) where New Zealanders build and certify their digital literacy, skills, and workplace digital competences. This is a 60% increase from 30 in June 2016, with more in the pipeline – especially schools.

Jobseeker focus

June Robinson, 20/20 Trust’s ICDL/KiwiSkills manager,  says “Jobseekers are a key focus for us – business and government leaders are increasingly calling for better digital skills in the workforce. Research (1) shows that people overestimate their digital skills, and that even young ‘digital natives’ who have grown up with computers often lack the skills they need for work.”

Strong interest from schools

“Schools are one of the best channels to reach jobseekers. Of 60,000 school-leavers each year, nearly a quarter are trying to enter the workforce and another quarter are in industry training or taking a gap year (2). ICDL training gives them the certified, workplace-ready computer skills they need, and it’s free through our KiwiSkills JobSeeker programme.”

NCEA Level 2 credits

Another reason for the strong interest from schools is NCEA Level 2 credit recognition for six ICDL modules. Students can earn up to 19 Level 2 credits by successfully completing these ICDL modules and tests. So as well as ICDL giving students certification of their digital skills, credits from ICDL courses can be the ‘top-up’ they need to achieve NCEA Level 2.

“So it’s no wonder that nearly 20 schools have recently become delivery partners, and many more are talking to us about ICDL.”

REAPs also new delivery partners

Other new 20/20 delivery partners include 3 REAP (Rural Education Activities Programmes) organisations: Central King Country, Eastbay and Tararua REAPs joined Central Plateau, Far North,  Wairarapa and West REAP as ICDL/KiwiSkills delivery partners. They find that ICDL and KiwiSkills are a good fit with their other job focused adult education courses.

Interested in ICDL/KiwiSkills?

If you’d like to find out more about the programmes or becoming a 20/20 delivery partner for ICDL or KiwiSkills,
Contact 021 273 6810


(1) ‘School Leaver Destinations’, Ministry of Education, 2015

(2) Perception and Reality: Measuring Digital Skills in Europe”, ECDL Foundation, 2016

More about ICDL

ICDL is a high-quality online computer training and testing programme for anyone who wants to become fully competent in the use of computers, smart devices, internet and workplace tools. ICDL is recognised by governments and business internationally as the benchmark for digital skills in the workplace, and over 14 million people throughout the world are ICDL-certified.

In New Zealand the 20/20 Trust is the ICDL national partner (via ICDL Asia).

More about the 20/20 Trust

The 20/20 Trust has been leading digital literacy initiatives for 20 years, so that no New Zealander is left behind; current programmes include

  • Computers In Homes – digital skills and internet access for families with children in low decile schools
  • ICDL – the international standard for digital skills
  • KiwiSkills – giving digital skills to 7,500 jobseekers
  • Stepping Up – informal digital skills training in libraries and community centres
  • Digital Inclusion Map – mapping and linking New Zealand digital literacy projects

If you’d like to find out more about the programmes or becoming a 20/20 delivery partner for ICDL or KiwiSkills,
Contact 021 273 6810