What can we learn from Singapore?

Ms Tina Wu, General Manager, ICDL AsiaSingapore digital champion visits NZ

The 2020 Trust is hosting a visit later this month by one of our region’s digital champions. Singapore-based Ms Tina Wu heads the ICDL programme for the Asia Pacific region and she will be visiting New Zealand from 19 to 21 September.

Ms Wu will be meeting with senior government officials and business leaders in Auckland and Wellington. She will also be giving presentations on Building a Digital Workforce: The Singapore Experience to invited audiences in Auckland and Wellington.

Digitally driven productivity is double NZ’s

In June this year, the OECD acknowledged that Singapore is leading the way for workplace skills; Singapore has not only developed the population’s skills to a high standard but has also ensured that the country can benefit from them. Singapore now enjoys a per capita GDP higher than most other developed countries and more than twice as high as New Zealand.

The development of digital skills across the Singapore economy has played a big part in achieving this outcome. The Singapore government has provided leadership and support through its SkillsFuture programme but everyone has been involved – the education system, employers, unions and individuals.

What can we learn from Singapore?

In her presentations, Tina will be discussing international trends in developing digital competency in the workforce, and, drawing on research from Europe and Singapore, explain how Singapore has responded to business and community needs for new digital skills.

More Information

For more information, or if you would like to discuss attending a presentation, please contact Laurence Zwimpfer, Contracts Director, 2020 Trust
027 430 6737  laurence.zwimpfer@2020.org.nz