“Jump at the chance!!”

Kelly Lowe, ICDL graduate, Tauranga
Kelly Lowe, ICDL graduate, Tauranga

Kelly Lowe, a former job-seeker in Tauranga tells of her experience of ICDL online training, and gaining NCEA and internationally recognised certification. ICDL training and certification is available free to job-seekers through Work and Income (see KiwiSkills for details of Jobseeker programme).

“I attended the first of the Business Professional Programmes in 2012 run by Derek Roser through the Chamber of Commerce. The course was in aid of securing an ICDL – International Computer Driving Licence – which is internationally recognised.

I had been unemployed for approximately four months when Work & Income offered me an interview for the programme. This was very much welcomed by myself.

As well as wanting to gain more skills, it was also a way of meeting more people and gaining some of the confidence I had lost from being unemployed for a time.

There were different aspects to the course, all designed to give people the skills to return to the workforce. Both soft skills – interview processes, CV writing, transferable skills, and people skills – and hard skills – computer skills, administrative procedures and safety standards were taught.

At the end of the hard skills computer section, after frequent training, a test was completed for four of the ICDL modules:

  • Knowledge of the system
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Outlook

Derek was always on hand to help out at all times.

I, along with my class mates found the programme invaluable. The majority of the students secured work after completing, thanks to Derek who persistently helped us all search for positions.

This in my mind is an invaluable course. If you have the opportunity to attend, definitely jump at the chance!!”

Visit KiwiSkills for details of Jobseeker programme.