Lynfield College students gain ICDL certification

Lynfield College ICDL Graduates 2013
ICDL Graduates, Lynfield College 2013

June 18 saw a very special awards ceremony at Lynfield College with ICDL certificates presented to 27 students who had successfully completed the Digital Literacy ICDL course.

The ICDL program was first established at Lynfield College in 2004 at the Year 12 level. At that time teachers had to print off the tests, mark them and send the results off to the NZCS. The students used notes and practice exercises provided by Wintec. It wasn’t until 2007 that ICDL went to the computerised system which meant instant results for the students.

The ICDL program now sits at the Year 10 level and the students complete the modules over a year. Since 2007 Lynfield College has had nearly 500 students complete the course. The students enjoy completing the skill-based assessments and continually challenge themselves to score higher results with each exam.

The school sees a  continuing need for the course in their programs as it provides the digital literacy skills that all people need. As a result of completing the course most students gain the confidence and skills needed to tackle any new programme they come across.