Become an ICDL test centre – what’s involved

The 20/20 Trust are currently seeking reputable training and examination organisations from the academic, public and private sectors to deliver the ICDL programme in New Zealand.  Becoming an Accredited Test Centre (ATC) gives many benefits.

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ATC responsibilities

An Accredited Test Centre (ATC) is responsible for offering any interested person the opportunity to take the ICDL programme. The ATC should accept registrations of candidates regardless of sex, age, nationality, citizenship, religion, physical ability, level of computer knowledge or whether a candidate has an existing ICDL Profile. The ATC is also responsible for delivering the ICDL programme in accordance with the ICDL operations manual. This includes managing candidate registration, training, testing and ordering courseware and diagnostic tests. Please note, some ATC’s have been accredited for the purpose of offering ICDL programme only to candidates internal of their organisation.

Roles within an ATC


The ATC manager is the first point of contact for 20/20 Trust on any updates or feedback on the ICDL programme. They are responsible for managing all aspects of the ICDL programme within the ATC.


Trainers are responsible for delivering training that covers the ICDL syllabus. Trainers are expected to have extensive knowledge of the ICDL module content and have relevant experience in delivering training.

Accredited tester

Accredited testers are responsible for supervising the testing sessions. ICDL Asia recommends that the Accredited Tester for a specific group of candidates should not be the same individual who has delivered the training. To become an ICDL Accredited Tester, the individual must complete the ATC Tester application form and sign a code of conduct. If successful, they will receive an Accredited Tester Certificate which should be displayed in a prominent position within the ATC. They will also receive an ID card attached to a lanyard; this must be worn by each Accredited Tester when conducting a testing session. Each centre must nominate at least two Accredited Testers.

Support for an ATC

The 20/20 Trust and ICDL Asia manages the accreditation of our growing network of Accredited Test Centres (ATCs) and supports them in many ways. We are committed to building and strengthening strategic partnerships with our ATCs. By continually providing high-quality business and technical support, we support the ATC network in New Zealand to successfully offer the ICDL programme. Support available to ICDL ATCs in New Zealand includes:

The ICDL programmes are continually updated by subject matters experts. Certification of knowledge of these programmes can be carried out exclusively by our ATC network. We also form partnerships with organisations who share our national economic development and capacity building goals. We know from experience that the most successful test centres are those that work with each other and with the 20/20 Trust towards the common goal of empowering people through the use of ICT.

Application process

Application stage

At the application stage an applicant centre must submit these forms:

  • Completed ATC application form
  • Organisation profile detailing information on the organisation
  • Completed Accredited Tester application form for each staff member supervising the ICDL certification tests
  • Copy of the organisations registration document

Review stage

Applications are reviewed within 14 working days from receipt of complete documents. If amendments are required, documents must be updated and re-submitted for final review.

Accreditation stage

At this stage an applicant centre will receive a notice stating either approval or rejection of their application. An approved centre will receive a non-negotiable legal contract within 14 working days. The applicant centre must respond with the signed contract within one month from receipt of the soft copy agreement.

Final stage

Upon receipt of the signed contract and payment of the annual accreditation fee, the new ATC will receive an ATC operations manual and login details to the automated testing system. ICDL Asia will then arrange an online training session with the new ATC manager. Training will include:

  • Ordering and payment process
  • Using the online testing system
  • Certification process
  • Any other clarifications on delivering the ICDL programme

What next?

For an Accredited Test Centre (ATC) application form or more information please give us a call or drop us an email, details on the Contact Us page.