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20/20 Trust

The international ECDL/ICDL Foundation appoints national partners around the world to implement its training and certification programmes at a national level. The 20/20 Trust is the official ICDL Accredited Partner for New Zealand, overseeing the ongoing development, implementation and expansion of the ICDL programme here.

The 20/20 Trust has a 20-year history of promoting digital literacy and is widely known and respected for its highly acclaimed initiatives – including the flagship programme Computers in Homes. As a registered Charitable Trust (established in 1996) the Trust’s vision is ‘to enable all New Zealanders to fully participate in the digital world.’


To ensure that ICDL training and certification consistently meets the ICDL international standards, ICDL national partners in Asian and Pacific countries, including New Zealand, are monitored and supported by ICDL Asia, based in Singapore.

Meet the NZ ICDL team

Collectively our team have a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience to offer our clients and effectively manage the ICDL programme in New Zealand. We are passionate about people realising their full potential and being able to fully participate in the digital world.

The ICDL team

June Robinson, ICDL/KiwiSkills Manager
June Robinson, ICDL/KiwiSkills Manager
Karin Elliott, ICDL Programme Coordinator
Karin Elliott, ICDL Programme Coordinator









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