• Benefits of ICT skills to individuals - find how ICDL Certification can help your professional life by making you more attractive to employers, while increasing your ability to communicate and access information and services in your personal life.
  • Read about benefits of ICDL digital skills for employers - skilled employees enable organisations to use technology more effectively, increasing productivity and competitiveness.
  • Read more on how students with ICT skills enjoy an enriched educational experience, and are better prepared for life, work and further learning.

Certify your digital skills to international standard with ICDL!

The ICDL programme lets you learn and certify your computer skills to the internationally recognised standard. It’s a high-quality online computer training and testing programme that’s been designed and approved by academic experts from around the world. ICDL is for anyone who wants to become fully competent in the use of computers and workplace applications (like Word processing and Spreadsheets) to improve their personal and professional lives.

ICDL computer training programmes are

Global success

ICDL programmes have been delivered to nearly 15 million people, in 41 languages, over 100 countries, through a network of over 24,000 test centres. The certification programmes are designed to be accessible to all people, irrespective of age, gender, status, ability, or race.

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As the ICDL national partner in New Zealand, the 20/20 Trust are currently seeking computer training and examination partners from schools, tertiary, public and private sectors to deliver the ICDL programme in New Zealand. For more information click the orange Interested in Becoming A Test Centre button in the sidebar, or contact one of our friendly team.